Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Appliques

So I am NOT good at the tutorial thing, so I will follow Beth and just post pictures of the final products! Ignore the poor quality of my pictures taken late at night with HORRIBLE lighting! :)

The turkey eyes are buttons, and the gobbler is a hot pink bead.

(I added this ruffle to make this boy shirt look a little less boyish.)

So I am NOT good at the tutorial thing, so I will follow Beth and just post pictures of the final products!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Applique Fun

Maribeth enlightened us on the appliqueing process. Now we can make cute, inexpensive shirts to match our childrens' clothing. Yay! Here are some of the shirts that I have made. All of these were cut with the Cricut. I cut like a 5 year old, so cutting by hand is not an option for me.

Thanks for taking the time to type out the tutorial, Jen:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cricut made applique

During the month of August, we got together several times to applique some t-shirts. Hopefully, some of the other gals will post their cute projects too (hint, hint).

To make this one, I used:
cricut cutting machine
doodlecharms cartridge
three 4 x 6 pieces of fabric
heat and bond fusible webbing
an iron
embroidery thread and needle

To cut the applique, I practiced the size and layout of the design by cutting it on to scrapbook paper first. I HIGHLY recommend doing that. There's nothing worse than wasting your pretty fabric. Well, maybe famine or pestilence. But wasting fabric is definitely right after that.

Anyhooo - After I found the size and placement that I liked best, I took my fabric square and backed it with Heat N Bond.

FYI: To back your fabric, follow the directions on the back of the Heat N Bond package. Or just have Maribeth do it for you. Like I did.

After Maribeth prepped the fabric for me, I placed it on the Cricut cutting mat and chose my design.
I cut the design three times on three different pieces of fabric so that I could layer the fabric.

I removed the paper backing from the newly cut design and carefully ironed one piece at a time to my t-shirt.

Next, I chose my embroidery floss colors and began stitching.
I used a running stitch to outline the ice cream and a chain stitch to add some interest to the cone.

Check out these embroidery stitch videos for more info. They helped me a lot.

If my tutorial is super confusing to you (which is highly likely), keep in mind that there are ten million tutorials for making appliques out in bloggy land. I like this one at Sew Mama Sew.

I loved appliqueing so much that I decided to get brave and make a monkey as well. I didn't use the Cricut for this one - I just traced it onto the paper part of the Heat N Bond and cut it out with nice, sharp scissors.