Friday, March 27, 2009

bunny garland

This little easy peasy project was inspired by Martha Stewart's 2008 Easter decorating workshop.

Bunny template from Martha Stewart's Website
hole punch

How To Do It:
1. Download Bunny Template from Martha Stewart's Website
2. Trace Bunny to Scrapbook paper
3. Cut out Bunny
4. Punch 2 holes on bunny
5. weave twine through bunny holes

Ta DA!!!!

jennifer t.'s easter eggs

paper mache eggs (from wood section at Hobby Lobby)
acrylic paints (hobby lobby)
scrapbooking paper (archiver's - basic grey paper)
mod podge - matte (Hobby Lobby)
distress ink (Archivers)
sandpaper (Wal-Mart)

paint brushes
scissors or paper cutter

How To Do It:
Decoupaged Eggs -
1. cut scrapbook paper into thin strips (1/2" or so)
2. use paintbrush to apply thin layer of mod podge to undecorated paper mache egg
3. wrap scrapbook paper around the egg - one layer at a time.
4. after egg is completely covered with scrapbook paper, use a fine sandpaper to lightly sand it
5. I also squeezed the egg in my hand to help the paper adhere better
6. apply a thin layer of mod podge to the entire egg to seal

Green/Pink Eggs -
1. paint egg with acrylic paint
2. paint pink polka dots on egg
3. use fine or medium grade sandpaper to distress

Pink Eggs -
1. paint with pink acrylic paint
2. sand with fine or medium grade sandpaper
3. lightly apply distress ink w/ dauber
4. sand with fine sandpaper again

Blue Egg -
1. paint egg with acrylic paint and let dry
2. mix white paint with a little bit of water
3. apply water/paint mix to egg

FYI: Here's a picture of the Distress Ink and Dauber I used -

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

welcome to our blog

Martha Mondays was created as a fun way to document and share the projects we create together at our Monday Night Craft Club.

Why the name "Martha Mondays"?

Martha =
After Craft Maven Martha Stewart...
and Martha of the Bible

Mondays =
the night our Crafty Club gets together.

After our Craft Club meets, one or more of our "Martha Wannabe's" will post a picture and little tutorial for how they created their project.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog and that it inspires you to have your own Martha Monday fun!