Friday, March 27, 2009

jennifer t.'s easter eggs

paper mache eggs (from wood section at Hobby Lobby)
acrylic paints (hobby lobby)
scrapbooking paper (archiver's - basic grey paper)
mod podge - matte (Hobby Lobby)
distress ink (Archivers)
sandpaper (Wal-Mart)

paint brushes
scissors or paper cutter

How To Do It:
Decoupaged Eggs -
1. cut scrapbook paper into thin strips (1/2" or so)
2. use paintbrush to apply thin layer of mod podge to undecorated paper mache egg
3. wrap scrapbook paper around the egg - one layer at a time.
4. after egg is completely covered with scrapbook paper, use a fine sandpaper to lightly sand it
5. I also squeezed the egg in my hand to help the paper adhere better
6. apply a thin layer of mod podge to the entire egg to seal

Green/Pink Eggs -
1. paint egg with acrylic paint
2. paint pink polka dots on egg
3. use fine or medium grade sandpaper to distress

Pink Eggs -
1. paint with pink acrylic paint
2. sand with fine or medium grade sandpaper
3. lightly apply distress ink w/ dauber
4. sand with fine sandpaper again

Blue Egg -
1. paint egg with acrylic paint and let dry
2. mix white paint with a little bit of water
3. apply water/paint mix to egg

FYI: Here's a picture of the Distress Ink and Dauber I used -

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  1. This is so pretty! I love your ideas and your new blog! Can't wait to see more of your ideas! :)