Monday, April 6, 2009

Sonya's Decoupaged Photo Frame

I have had this family photo for two years and have never found a frame that I really liked (or could afford), so I decided to make my own! Jennifer did this several months back, so I took her lead and here is my results.

The How-To!


8x10 (size is up to you) unfinished wood frame with glass included (Michael's -$3.00 with 50% off coupon)
Modge Podge (I used satin finish, but whatever you like is good.)
Modge Podge sponge
2 sheets 12x12 decorative paper (Actually, you only really need one, but if it has designs that you want to match up and run the same direction you will need two.)
Acrylic paint of your choice color & paint brush (I used DecoArt Americana's Bittersweet Chocolate.)
Ribbon and/or any embellishments you choose
Craft glue or hot glue gun
Fine sandpaper
Distress Ink

1. Remove glass and backing from frame and sand down the entire frame until smooth.

2. Paint frame front and back (if desired) and allow to dry completely.

3. Measure area on the frame that you want to cover and cut paper into 4 strips. Remember that you will have to be careful how you cut the paper to be sure that your paper's patterns are running the same direction. If you are really smart, you can measure and cut the paper into right angles. I failed geometry and I am way too lazy to figure that out so I did it the easy way, which in my opinion, is the best way. :)

4. Spread Modge Podge on back of paper and on the frame and place horizontal strips first. Apply vertical strips next. (I made mine overlap the horizontal strips.) Because this is my first Modge Podge experience, I learned it may take quite a bit of Modge Podge and lots of pushing and pressing down as bubbles tend to be a common problem. They eventually do come out so be prepared to work with it some. Cover entire frame liberally with Modge Podge and let dry.

5. After drying and if you like the distressed and vintage look like we do, go nuts sanding the frame with a fine sandpaper and apply a little Distressing Ink in the corners and edges.

6. I lined my ribbon up on the seams where the papers came together and used craft glue, wrapping the ribbon to around to the back. You could also use a glue gun, but I felt like I had a little more control with the craft glue. I didn't want to see any glue coming out from under the ribbon.

7. Add a bow or buttons, whatever you like, and put glass back in frame.

8. See? Easy Peasy! And believe me, if I can do it ANYONE can! The whole thing cost me $4.50. I love the way it turned out!


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