Saturday, December 19, 2009

crafty christmas gifting

am i the only one in a crafting frenzy?? i don't think anyone has mentioned that we have been crafting weekly. due to the holidays and our never ending lists of ideas, anyone who can has been getting together every monday. we rarely do the same craft as we all have different gifts to make and decorations to create. some of us are night owls and we tend to get into a groove around 11 pm. let me just say that crafting until the wee hours definitely makes for crafting hangover the next day. 

i have been guiding some along in sewing (not that i know enough to do so), so you may see more sewing ideas in the next few months.

i just posted a few tutorials on my own blog, but since i haven't posted on here in a very long time, i thought i would share. unfortunately, i don't know how to get the posts to this blog, so i will share the finished project and the link and you can read more there.

i whipped both of them up on the same day with a little kiddie patrol help from my parents, so they are definitely doable in the next few days if you need a quick, hand crafted gift. only 5 crafting days left til christmas!


  1. Yes, I've been on a frenzy as well! I don't think it has anything to do with the holidays. I've just been ready to work on some things for myself. I'm always working on things to sell and things for clients that I've neglected my own home. I've just been working on one idea after another. Glad to hear I'm not alone!

  2. Love your scarf and your "Joy"!! And I love that you have a craft club. How fun!!!

    Here's a craft you might like that is so cute and looks pretty easy. I want to make one soon!

  3. I like it how you mothers combined forces and do crafty projects together! I hope you'll update your current progress soon! (:

  4. very neat blog with a ton of great ideas!

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